English Appendices

English Source Audio

Go to this page (https://sites.google.com/a/wycliffeassociates.org/wamtt/) to links to download the English source audio files for translationRecorder. NOTE These files are for translation projects for the ULB by Verse.

How to download:

  1. Go to the the page above.
  2. Find the desired book/chapter for the translation work.
  3. Click on the link in the URL column.
  4. Download the file to the tablet or computer (to transfer to the tablet later.)


Power Point Presentations (with PDFs)

Installing translationRecorder 1.2.4 -
Starting a New Project 1.2.4 -
Recording from Program Manager - Oral Languages 1.2.4
Recording from Program Manager - Audio Recordings 1.2.4
Editing Oral Language Recordings 1.2.4
Editing Audio Recordings 1.2.4