Editing the Target Language Recording

See this File https://github.com/unfoldingWord-dev/translationRecorder-Info/blob/master/IconsChecking.pdf for the list of icons and their name.

Compare the recording to the Source Language recording

  • To compare your recording to the Source Language recording press the hearing ear icon and press the play icon on the gray bar.
  • To pause the recording tap the pause button on the gray bar (the pause icon replaces the play icon.)
  • To rewind (go towards the beginning of the recording) or fast forward (go towards the end of the recording) press and hold the green dot and slide your finger to the left for rewind or to the right to fast forward.
  • To return to your recording press the wave button.

Remove a section of recording

  1. Line up the thin red line where you want to start removing some of the recording.

Note: The red line does not move.

  • Press-and-hold to move the recording to the red line.
  • Press the flag icon. This will insert a marker where the cut will start.
  1. Set the ending point of the cut.
  • Drag the recording by holding your finger on the screen and sliding to the left until the end of the part to be removed is at the red line.
  • Tap the flag button. This will mark the section for deletion.

Optional: Tap the play icon to listen to the section that will be removed.

  1. Delete the selected recording.
  • Tap on the crossed-off flags to remove the flags and start at step 1 again.
  • Tap on the scissors icon to delete the selected recording.
  • Tap on the back arrow to undo the last edit.

Insert a new section of recording.

  1. Line up the thin red line where you want the recording to be inserted. (Use the tap-hold-swipe action.)
  2. Tap the Add a Recording icon in the top gray bar. This will open a new recording session.
  3. Tap the microphone icon to start recording.
  4. When finished, tap the pause icon.
  5. To insert the new recording, tap the checkmark icon.
  • A pop up will appear stating it is inserting recording … please wait.
  • The original target language recording opens with the added recording.

To save the file tap the save icon. * A ‘Saving’ pop-up shows.

Once it is done saving it will open the file manager with your most recent file on top.

Rate the Target Language Recording

If the recording is done well, then add a star rating to the recording.

Tap on the star icon in the top gray bar. The ‘Rate this take’ window opens.

  • The term “take” is another word for a recording.

Tap on one of the three stars to rate.

  • The star on the left for a 1-star rating – meaning this is a good recording. The star turns red.
  • The middle star for a 2-star rating – meaning this is a better recording. The stars turn yellow.
  • The star on the right for a 3-star rating – meaning this is an excellent recording. The stars turn green.

Tap on ‘OK’ to save the rating.